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And Justice For All Country Of Origin: United States Of America
Metallica - And Justice For All

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User Rating: 8
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...And Justice For All
Eye Of The Beholder
The Shortest Straw
Harvester Of Sorrow
The Frayed Ends Of Sanity
To Live Is To Die
Dyers Eve

Release Date: 1988
Label: Elektra Entertainment Group
Categories: Heavy
8 out of 10 / 889 vote(s)

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Submitted by Scott on 11/16/2002
This album is the 1st album without bassist Cliff Burton , Jason Newsted takes place , this album is very good but can defenietly tell the change of music with out cliff , from songs like Blackened , all the way to Dyers eve , it is fast metal with amazing solos in Dyers Eve Especially.
Submitted by Killer on 11/13/2004
Great material, Just one question.....who the fuck was the producer of this album? the material on this album has the potential to make it the best metallica ever made. but the drums sound like shit, the guitars are somewhere far beyond anywhere, it is hard to hear the base and the whole thing sounds like it was produced with one microphone standing somewhere in the room. how good the stuff on it IS can be heard on diverse live-versions of them (live shit box) I hope that someone could kick metallica's ass to reproduce/remix this whole CD.
Well, getting passed the sound of album, this has to be one of the most technical albums they have done, guitars solos sound great at kirk is at his best here, he's gonna get worse with each album after this. James still is not the proffessional singer that he will become on black album but he delivers the emotions pretty well. You can definitely feel the difference in the style of the base since we have Jason here. Lars's drumming is pretty impressive too(He'll be going down the same path as kirk hamet).
Overall this is one of the most impressive and technical albums of metallica, I can't name any highlights, had there been better production, this would have been better than Master of Puppets.


Submitted by rattle on 5/2/2005
First of all i definitely agree with killer that the material in this album is great. Its more complex and mature than all the other albums. But i can tell that the only bad thing about the production is the bass. I have the opinion that the bass was somehow erased :)). But the guitars and drums are ok. Well the songs are killer. I Only wanted to tell these things because theres no reason to review o cd tht all metalheads own for sure. Hail!
Submitted by Mark on 9/30/2005
This is the most technical demand of all metallica album i ever heard (exclude St Anger). The timing, riffing and solos were hardly to follow. If your band can perfectly coverred few song from this album especially "dyer's eve" and "pray's end of sanity", you must be good. Only spoiled by poor bass guitar sound. Still heavy but second to Master's.
Submitted by david on 11/23/2005
I don't think metallica ever recovered from this album. For me it is their best work. The riffs are razor sharp, heavy as hell and the lyrics reflect the time. The much talked about non-bass is a side issue. This is dry cold metal. It is the heaviest and darkest record they ever made. At times it almost sounds industrial. It is bleak and brilliant. A classic piece of metal that was way ahead of its time.
Submitted by kylereece on 11/27/2006
Excellence and ruthlessness personified. That is one way to describe this masterpiece. Its been about 18 years since I first got this album and yet everytime I hear those dark melodies that fade in to introduce the magnificent opener, Blackened I still feel my body coil up in anticipation of some true relentless metal. The album showcases the extent of musical ability of Lars, James, Jason, and Kirk as they pummel through the complex arrangements of this progressive metal opus. And complex they are, indeed. The title track is an ambitious and unflattering potrayal of the justice system with an incredible bridge and a dramatic outro that recieves my undivided attention everytime I hear it. Then there is One, an unorthodox and unforgettable epic that builds into a heavy as fucking hell second half that is a mandatory headbang no matter what the setting. Dyers Eve is a superb example of blinding speed culminating with an awesome solo by shred king extraordinare Kirk Hammett (yes, he did solos back then!!). And speaking of Kirk, the master axe weilder takes it to the limit here, witness the amount of transitions he effortlessly navigates in both the aforementioned Blackened and the splendid mid-tempo cruncher Frayed Ends of Sanity. I believe it is Kirk at his best. Everything here is tight and cold from the songs themselves to the mix. And speaking of the mix, it has gotten alot of criticism and rightfully so. Jason Newsted is virtually non-existent on this record. Only in the quiet pieces such as in the instrumental To Live Is To Die can you even begin to discern the presense of something called bass guitar. The drums sound like some kind of digital drum machine thing that produces inhuman sounding beats with remarkable precision (doesnt sound too bad does it?). In any case, the mix is not so bad that it takes away from the music and in a way it adds to the overral mechanical coldness that personifies this great album. This is not only my fave Metallica album but it is probably my favorite metal album, period (Rust In Peace comes close though). I could not emphasize anymore how much I recommend this record. It is a truly ahead of its time masterpiece that will appeal to oldschool fans as well as modern day metalheads. It is a fine example of a great metal band at its absolute peak (boy those were the good old days...) A 10? Try a 1000!!
Submitted by CD on 9/14/2009
Metallica's answer to the cold war ending previously. Clinical riffing that they only discovered later on DM. This is the most intriguing album they ever released.
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