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Since The Day It All Came Down Country Of Origin: Finland
Insomnium - Since The Day It All Came Down

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MB Rating: 6.8
[1 Vote(s)]

User Rating: 7.9
[219 Vote(s)]
The Day It All Came Down
Daughter Of The Moon
The Moment Of Reckoning
Under The Plaintive Sky
Death Walked The Earth
Closing Words
Song Of The Forlorn Son

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2004
Label: Candlelight Records
Categories: Melodic, Death
7.9 out of 10 / 219 vote(s)

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MetalBite Review by Manuel on 5/9/2004
Insomnium could very well be the evil guy on time-out -- a satyr laying gently in his palatial abode eating spiked grapes until its next kill. Since The Day It All Came Down is a solid and smooth effort, driven by melancholy and mood more than cohesion and originality. The album evokes the mood of Dark Tranquillityís Haven at its best, and at its worst it puts Haven on repeat for several rotations without showing the character of the band.

Having said that, Insomnium is a band full of potential. That potential can be tapped should they decide to break out of the melodic paradigm that spawned it, they could make serious waves creating mood metal that is technical and still very emotional. Listen to "Death Walked the Earth" and you will see that every member of the band has the ability to generate good time changes, solid rhythm and downright good songs.

Stick around a little longer, and the eight and so minute epic "Disengagement" and "Song of the Forlorn Son" are enrapturing at their best, full of varied melodies and an excellent tone that was used rarely in other parts of the album. The beginning and end of the album exhibits the care this band took to put together an album with strong production value. I could listen to this album and declare that it was a good morsel, but until you let the satyr out to fuck like the heated goat he is, until evil-guy can come out to play, I canít say Iím entirely sold. But fair is fair, Insomnium is a solid band and they should be liked and respected, so Iíll bite and say that this album is worth a buy on the good faith of a talented band with much potential.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 7
Atmosphere: 9
Production: 8
Originality: 5
Overall: 5

Rating: 6.8 out of 10
Submitted by Cannibal on 1/22/2005
6.8 out of 10? are you out of your goddamn mind? or have you not heard the album? Insomnium's latest effort is like fresh air for choking body of melodic metal.
This time around Insomnium tried to not have as much Amorphis influence as they had on their previous record. The album is just a little bit more metal. Sure, you still hear some of the old tunes, but melodies sound great and that's all that matters.
This is no masterpiece, but it's a very solid record by the band that I think will be the kings of melodic metal for the next couple of years. They sure have the potential and skills.

This gets a 8.7 out of 10.
Submitted by Velphor on 2/4/2005
gee cannibal, do you read or just pretend you know what you're talking about? you said exactly the same thing that manuel said... not a masterpiece but a solid album that shows lots of potential. according to the metalbite rating guide... 6.0 - 6.9 = "Tasty". i think he's right, it's a tasty record and maybe future releases will be even better, nothing out of his mind about that. maybe if he gave it a 4 you could bitch, but have some perspective

this is a decent album and they have great skills: 6.5.
Submitted by Jeffk on 6/15/2005
Wow, stumbled across this band browsing on some metal stuff. This cd rocks, lot of melody and nice tempo changes. Being overly disappointed with the new Dark Tranquillity cd, I was overjoyed to run across this one. Excellent pickup for DT fans, infact this is a prime example of how a band that is perhaps influenced by another, surpasses the mentor.
Submitted by chaos on 12/30/2005
Truely underrated, the most melodic death metal album ever written. Dark & doomy yet enchanting & spiritual...plus a solid fucking production. A combination of Dark Tranquility, Amorphis and Opeth.
Submitted by Metallicat on 4/9/2006
Just heard a few tracks from this cd. Sounds 'ok'. Too much like a Dark Tranq wannabe (no pun intended). The vocalist tries too hard to sound like Stanne in my ops. This is a rather generic melodic deathmetal outfit. Nodifferent than the new (disappointing) Dark Tranq cd Character, and perhaps sounds familar to the Omnium Gathering? Fati cd. IF only these vocalists would give the listeners ear a break and add some clean vox. Dark Tranq did it a few cd's back and it 'worked' but the dudes clean vox just sux so they are back to growling. Prime examples of melodic deathmetallers giving a listerner even more melody is the Soilworks of Sweden. Scar Symmetry blows these guys away. Check out Symmetry in Design if you dont believe me. I live in the usa so I dont have the new scar symm cd yet but I know its going to be the best thing out of sweden since At The Gates (Slaughter) and perhaps Soilworks (Portrait).
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