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Hatebreeder Country Of Origin: Finland
Children Of Bodom - Hatebreeder

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MB Rating: 10
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User Rating: 8
[659 Vote(s)]
Silent Night, Bodom Night
Bed Of Razors
Towards Dead End
Black Widow
Wrath Within
Children Of Bodom

Release Date: 1999
Label: Nuclear Blast
Categories: Thrash, Melodic, Death, Power, Heavy, Speed
8 out of 10 / 659 vote(s)

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MetalBite Review by Luka on 4/29/2001
A milestone metal record for the ages, written totally by the genius and dexterous guitar wizard Alexi Laiho (also from Sinergy) As soon as "Warheart"-the opening track-starts, the Children shift everything into high gear and don’t slow down until the very end.

Impressive riffs and melodies frame the songs while amazing solos (often at the very end of the song to leave you starving for more) by Laiho take the songs to a whole new level and fill in every crack. Hatebreeder delivers some of the best melodies I’ve ever heard, (e.g. intro to "Children of Bodom" or endings of "Bed of Razors" and "Towards Dead End") most played on very high notes by the lead guitarist that all seem like parts of a solo. The entire album is played on very high notes, yet the guitar tuning is shifted down an entire note, allowing Alexander Kuoppala’s rhythm to get really heavy when needed. Lots of distortion and the clean production give the guitars a real heavy metal feel, most notably in The one thing that doesn’t even come close to the perfection of the rest of the album is Laiho’s vocals, and less importantly, the lyrics. With a phenomenal album like this, annoying black metal growls just don’t cut it.
Yet the album this great doesn’t let anything anchor it down, it proudly stands tall in the metal world and will for a very long time. These Fins really know how to fucking rock! Pure perfection: 10/10!

Bottom Line: Speed, death, thrash, black, symphonic and power metal beautifully fused together to create a total metal masterpiece. There is no other band in the world like Children of Bodom and no album as perfect as Hatebreeder. Get this right now!

Rating: 10 out of 10
Submitted by Fade on 3/6/2001
It´s something special about Children of Bodom, first, every track is getting better and better the more you listen to it, and second, it´s not like the most of all other albums that it contains one or some not so good tracks, CoB´s albums contains only perfect tracks. Maybe couse the way Laiho puts togheter the songs. If he has something good in one song he´ll might take that and some other part from another song and put it all toghter in one great track.

This Album is the second that the Children of Bodom releases, it´s a masterpiece. Every song has something special and you´re gonna like it all when you bought the album. Lahios solos are just perfect and his vocals and screams are too.

If you should not like the album you just havent listen too it enough, its getting better and better every time.

The best tracks on this album are Towards A Dead End, Warheart, Bed of Razors, Black Widow, well all are just Great!!

8/10 ********
Submitted by Warheart on 9/27/2001
This is the best album I have ever heard! It is full of awesome guitar solos, full of doble bass and crazy death metal vocals. Children Of Bodom is greatest band around today.

The only down side is the stupid keyboard solos. It doesn't even come close to ruining the fast guitar/drums and speed of the music. Go out and buy this album today because it is the most kick ass fucking music today!

The Bodom line is Children of Bodom is one of the greatest bands today. This is the best death/thrash metal album I have ever heard!

I give it a 10/10 because nothing comes close to this music that I have heard.
Submitted by Sam on 12/27/2003
When I first heard of bodom, I thought they were some black metal band that had vocals that sounded like they were pigs getting slaughtered in a barn. So experimented, got hatebreeder and IT WAS THE TOTAL OPPOSITE!!!!!!. First off these guys are very unique, they mix death,black,thrash together and form a whole good new style. It is nice and refreshing to see something new.I will review my favorite tracks here. Opening track war heart starts out with this catchy line and hits hard with fast guitaring,thrashy drums,and clean keyboards.It kind of leaves a ? in your head, saying how the hell these guys did this. Next silent night,bodom night,(my favorite track on the album)with the most catchy riffs and fast double pedaling drumming its just awesome.3 track hatebreeder will leave you speech less with there unique solo, black widow great keyboard intro. sounds like somebody trotting through a forest.Last track downfall man just amazing rhythm will make you really love this song. So that was my review on this album.The other tracks still kick ass and I definitly recomend this album. So good you will never get tired of it 8/10
Submitted by Colonel Sanders on 7/1/2005
After reading so much about CoB in my guitar mags, I decided to break down and actually listen to the album. In a word, OUTSTANDING. It's got the sounds of Megadeth, Priest, Yngwie, and Maiden all rolled into one phenomenal album. Support this band!!! Buy the album!!!
Submitted by E.R666 on 12/3/2006
C.O.B. When i heard C.O.B for the first time I was amazed I mean Hatebreeder is their best! But when I saw them live that's when I heard the real C.O.B. I mean talk about technical difficulties. These dudes were messing up as if it were their first time playing live. And don't get me started with Laiho,this dude is the cockiest S.O.B out there this dude actually thinks he is the best guitar player in the world. Hey the songs are catchy but they suck.
Submitted by kylereece on 2/29/2008
Funny reviewing this 'classic' CoB album when the new one is just weeks away from release in the states (well maybe not ha-ha funny but nevertheless...). Anyway, Children of Bodom's Hatebreeder was my second helping of delicious metal from the Finnish hatecrew, as I was so impressed with their follow up Follow the Reaper that I wasted no time in getting my hands on this worthy offering. The album slams your head into the concrete right from the start with three heavy as fuck bad ass meth inflamed ditties, Warheart, Silent Night Bodom Night and Hatebreeder. Simply put these three tracks kick major ass and they make the whole album for me although there are noteworthy songs elsewhere on the album. Warheart opens with a heaping earful of frenetic blindingly fast death metal riffing that grabs the attention right away (now thats how you open up a metal album!). Silent Night Bodom Night has turned into one of my fave all time CoB tracks what with its triple time intro (reminiscent of the intro of the equally excellent Shattered from Pantera's Cowboy's From Hell)and all the great symphonic elements juxtaposed with speed riffing. Hatebreeder closes the titanic trio with more excellent riffs, well executed speed and a wholeness to the composition of song meaning that these guys have skills on top of their ability to split heads and ears.

Like I said before, these three opening tracks really make the whole damn thing for me, providing a jolt not unlike hitting back to or three shots of johnny Walker, gasoline and expresso. The rest of the songs succeed to varying degrees: the eponymously titled Children of Bodom has a great hook to compliment its dark exuberance and closer Downfall offers some scintillating open chords and fine keyboard wizardry all songs puntuated by Alex Laiho's fitting gurgling vocals and a typically stellar production. This coupled with Follow the Reaper offer what is so far the best of CoB's impressive catalogue. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.
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