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Norway Country of Origin: Norway

1. Pure
3. Devil's At The Door
4. The Recalcitrant Protagonist
5. The Cave Of Dreams
6. Cult Of Shining Stars
7. Towards The Black Surreal
8. Transmission KRS
9. This Dark Dream
10. Mystery Of The Constellations

Review by Adam M on September 2, 2016.

Another quality effort of atmospheric music is put out by In the Woods… The songs here are brimming with majesty that has a huge impact. As seen from The Cave of Dreams for example, In the Woods… are still capable of making emotionally gripping music.

Though this isn't as all-consuming as Omnio, there are a number of moving moments to be found regardless. The instrumental track had a lot of emotional moments that bring an emotional state to the listener. Several other songs are good, but the high point of the album is that it gets progressively better as it gets towards the end. The melancholic mood of the band is one of a kind and characterizes this release. There is a somber tone to these songs that is simply addictive. These songs wind around to hit the proper mood and completely capture the listener’s attention. It is an atmosphere that is compelling and makes it mark. The songs are also of a nice length that doesn’t overstay its welcome, but brings an impact. The overall package points to a nice comeback that surrounds those done by Carcass and At the Gates. While I believe this one is not quite as successful as those two, it is a worthwhile effort by a great band. There is a passion and desire behind these songs that makes them ring through. The darkness that is involved is also interesting. The band seems to dwell upon nefarious moods that make them dark in the utmost manner possible. This tension is increased as the album progresses towards its end.

The music is very unique, but does offer similarities to My Dying Bride or Pink Floyd, for example. Still, these songs sound like nothing else to a great extent. Fans of the band’s previous material should look into Pure without a second thought and those that are into morose music should find something to like here.

Rating: 8 out of 10