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France Country of Origin: France

1. Lucifugous
2. Everyday Kriegspiel
3. Self Containment
4. Sunburnt To Death
5. Tufa Downfall
6. Death Annuity
7. Pajarito
8. Craving For Death
9. Avalanche
10. Odd Aura
11. Crawlspace Burial
12. French Enucleation
13. Sewage Breath
14. Bluthgeld
15. Bullous Pemphigoid
16. Alluring Lethal Remains

Review by Carl on January 28, 2023.

A band that plows through 16 track in 21 minutes, that's gotta be grindcore. You're damn right it is! And a roaring, spitting, raging offering of grindcore it is to boot.

Whoresnation offer us a blast of aural savagery that is high on octane and low on subtlety (and running time). It's full pelt for the bulk of the material, with only some sparse slower parts throughout. Energetic blastbeats propel the short tracks along with relentless power, while the frantic riffing clashes and thrashes with the manic hoarse grunting, both struggling for the listener's attention. It's controlled chaos to the fullest, and has the adrenaline racing through the veins in no time. For most part this is grindcore in the proud tradition of old Napalm Death, Assück, Rot and Agathocles, but in the overall execution of the music I also detect a bit of a powerviolence feel, kinda like Infest or Capitalist Casualties, especially in the energetic delivery. Next to that, there's also a death metal edge to the guitar playing at times, where Repulsion and Mortician aren't far off either. This tense mixture is sure to jolt awake even the coldest of corpses!

And yeah, I know. "This is just one long song, blablabla...". Well, fuck you, because this is just the way I love this stuff, and this album has oodles of aggression, force and conviction, while sounding powerful and utterly menacing. And what could you wish for more? This is the musical equivalent of a toddler blasted out of his mind on sugar, and I love it!

To piss with coffee in the morning, I'll take Whoresnation's Dearth instead!!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10