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Unearthing The Black Arts

Spain Country of Origin: Spain

Unearthing The Black Arts
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: December 1st, 2017
Label: Independent
Genre: Black
1. Armageddon (Bathory Cover)
2. Massacra (Hellhammer Cover)
3. Lord Of The Storms (Emperor Cover)
4. I Am Possessed (Carpathian Forest Cover)
5. Deathcrush (Mayhem Cover)
6. Cold Winds Of Funeral Dust (Immortal Cover)
7. Unholy Black Metal (Darkthrone Cover)
8. Wotan (Enslaved Cover)
9. Possessed By Satan (Gorgoroth Cover)
10. Warmetal (Barathrum Cover)
11. In The Name Of Satan (Impaled Nazarene Cover)