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The Tread Of Darkness

Belarus Country of Origin: Belarus

1. Ciemra
2. Four Riders
3. Vomiting Void
4. Call Of The Ancestors
5. War
6. A Night For The Death
7. Winter
8. Serpent's
9. Where The Eyes Close

Review by Nekrist on May 2, 2024.

For some time now I have been exploring the global extreme metal scene to find new gems to which I can dedicate my well-deserved time of contemplation and analysis. In my search for new and dark sounds in metal I came across a mysterious band from Eastern Europe, more specifically from Belarus, a malevolent spirit who responds to the name of Ciemra (“Цемра” in her native language). Name that translates simply and simply as “darkness”, and it is a more than adequate name for this group, it is a declaration of principles, a banner that makes the musical and artistic intention of the band very clear to us: an ode to everything nocturnal and dying. The aesthetic presence of the band seems to have been a well thought out idea to complement their music, dark and ghostly beings with small hand sickles, hoods covering their heads and long black robes that reminded me of the famous Nazgul.

Ciemra play a mid-step modern black metal style, funereal, desolate and forceful that infected my spirit, dragging me to listen to it again and again without being able to do anything about it, as if a supernatural force or vortex of darkness had possessed my free reasoning and was chained to the music of this band. Musically speaking, the songs on this album obscurely named The Tread Of Darkness are funeral marches of an apocalyptic dusk, with guitar riffs that immediately envelop and capture with immeasurable nostalgia and fury, elegant drums that accompany us throughout. of the disk like war drums of the army of the Lord of Death Cain, and his cadaverous soldiers carrying sickles and scythes, ready for another nightly harvest of souls.

The guitars and drums sometimes leave their prototypical black metal attack and focus more on rhythmic patterns perfect for headbanging while our soul darkens as we immerse ourselves in the album. The bass is pulsating and provides that necessary depth to fill those recesses through which there could be some sonic leak, filling them satisfactorily to create this great misanthropic mass, accompanied with a clear and exquisite production in which you can hear every small detail that contributes layers and nuances to the whole record. There are moments in which the speed accelerates, transmitting a more traditional black metal, without leaving aside the personal touch of the band.

Now I would like to emphasize the vocal performance, which was without a doubt my favorite part of the album. First of all I must clarify that a girl is the one behind those gloomy and spectral laments and screams that made me feel chills. This girl has a stunning Devilish voice that makes you feel all the hatred being thrown with those poisonous screams, a constant terror that shook my tranquility, like a witch spitting curses on my being without me being able to defend myself in any way. It is a very typical voice of the black metal, but what makes me have enjoyed it so much is the sincerity and passion with which it was performed. It reminded me a lot of another great and mysterious vocalist from Ciemra's compatriots, “Dkharmakhaoz”, highly recommended and to whom I will also dedicate a review.

Without a doubt I enjoyed this album a lot, it is not a great black metal proposal, but the conviction with which it was recorded managed to captivate me enough to write a review about it. Ciemra will definitely now be on my musical radar, and I will be aware whatever news they have to offer, I'm very curious to see how this band's sound evolves, and I can't wait to hear that sinister and massarious female voice again in future releases, a very enjoyable album without a doubt.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10