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Into Nothingness

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Into Nothingness
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: March 17th, 2023
Label: Independent
Genre: Death
1. Into Nothingness
2. No Vital Signs
3. The Tank
4. Charon
5. The Blackest Of Soil
6. The End Is Near
7. Convulse Possessions
8. Dracunculus Medinensis

Review by Michael on March 20, 2023.

The quartet Wilt from East Westphalia / Germany releases with Into Nothingness their sophomore album on their own. Who knows the band already, knows what to expect, namely mangy death metal, which, however, compared to their debut Faces Of The Grave provides some surprises.

First of all, there is the very detailed cover, created by Juanjo Castellano Rosado, which already puts the listener in the correspondingly gloomy and macabre mood, and it is with corresponding feelings that we enter this dark entrance after climbing the slippery stairs. "Eintreten und Wohlfühlen" - "Enter and feel good" used to be a saying that hung on the front door of a pub near me. Whereby "Eintreten" in German definitely has two meanings. On one hand "enter", but on the other hand also "to kick in". I think that the guys understand the second meaning for this as the true meaning, because it is mercilessly punched from the outset. Although the title track, which is also the opener, still seems a bit restrained in places, as if you first look around and strategically think about what you can destroy everything, but at the latest with 'No Vital Signs' rolls a merciless death metal steamroller over the listener.

Stylistically, one remains with the well-tried HM-2 sound, which, however, on the album sounds much more differentiated and also more varied than on the debut. The song structures are much more sophisticated and do not let boredom arise at any time and also the sound sounds really fat and balanced. A groovy midtempo stomper like 'The Tank' definitely brings back memories of "...for Victory" or "Warmaster", because here just as powerful as comprehensible and absolutely stringent riffs dominate the song and the breaks here and there remind of this masterpiece. But it also gets really nasty and crawling. 'Dracunculus Medinensis' is a vicious doom roller with stretches of croaky vocals that let the song creep into the auditory canals and freeze the marrow in the bones. But Wilt can also be different, faster. 'The Blackest Of Soil' goes quite crudely in the direction of thrash metal and only the chorus tends in the direction of death metal. This song is by far the fastest and perhaps the most unusual of the album. My personal favorite, however, is 'The End Is Near', which impresses with a certain drama and driving guitars. Also the (although very short but also very cool) guitar solo in the middle ensures that this song immediately sticks.

One often poaches on Swedish terrain, so much sounds after the great role models, but also builds very casual ideas, so that one can not deny Wilt their independence. In addition, especially in the rhythm section a pinch of Bolt Thrower and that's a very good formula for the finest old school death metal. With Into Nothingness the guys have done everything right and created a great album. Now it remains to hope that they get the deserved attention for this.

Rating: 8.7 out of 10