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A Matter Of Time

Finland Country of Origin: Finland

A Matter Of Time
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: April 14th, 2023
Genre: Atmospheric, Progressive
1. Understanding The Waves
2. Clear Sky Is Not A Curse
3. Fate's Intervention
4. Unburden
5. Life Ahead
6. The Source
7. Out Of Place
8. Feeling Free
9. Ajan Kysymys

Review by Adam M on March 29, 2023.

A Matter Of Time by Alase has a quiet manner about it that is quite catchy, very subdued and nice to listen to. The band brings to mind acts such as Alcest, Katatonia and Ghost Brigade at times. This is a very easy listening experience that never dulls or becomes uninteresting and also interestingly enough, the lighter moments of the album bring a kind of happiness on the part of the listener. Songs are constructed in a manner that makes them addictive which is also very reminiscent of the name-checked bands and shows a great degree of subtlety throughout.

The musical performances are splendid and showcase a band firing on all cylinders. The guitars weave a web of magic that is very appealing. The drums are solid and form the backbone of the band nicely. The vocalist shifts between gentler tones most of the time to harsher ones at a few others. The overall mix of the album is very clear and allows the instruments to shine through. There is very little to dislike with the instrumentation of the album, as it is very crisp and wondrous to behold. As it stands, they show a great deal of style and substance in the album's runtime.

The faults of the album aren't many. It could be made more atmospheric than it is, it could be made more charismatic than it is as well but at the end these are small flaws to an excellent album that has plenty of positive traits going for it. There are very many things that are going in the right direction with the album and it has a number of disparate parts that meld together nicely. This album comes highly recommended to fans of Katatonia, Alcest and Ghost Brigade, and other similar acts.

Rating: 7.3 out of 10