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Krwawy Pontyfikat

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

Krwawy Pontyfikat
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: November 10th, 2023
Genre: Black, Heavy, Speed
1. 1978
2. Krwawy Pontyfikat
3. Rytuały Czarnego Ognia
4. Wnieborżnięcie Maryi Panny
5. Pieśń Świętokradców
6. Lochy Watykanu
7. Wdowa Po Rzeźniku
8. Almanach Opętanych
9. Oddech Potępieńca

Review by Levi on February 29, 2024.

To be frank and speak honestly, I didn't expect this. Previous album by Okrütnik tired me out a bit in terms of both the sound and the formula but above all, the vocals, which I couldn't goddamn pass. Fortunately, changes have taken place in the formation and made the band's new album stick out to me in almost every way possible.

Cool, atmospheric cover. Good and extremely legible sound that refers to the atmosphere of the 80s and is clear and strong, but also raw and appropriately dirty and brutal. The vocals are finally not so fucking annoying and they’ve improved on power level, possession, they’re totally brilliant and go perfectly with the music. And the music. There are few bands in this country that play heavy/black/speed in such an awesome and solid metal way! Krwawy Pontyfikat is a collection of metal hits and anthems that cannot be listened to in calmness. I'm scared of how songs such as the title track, 'Wnieborżnięcie Maryi Panny', 'Almanach Opętanych' or 'Wdowa Po Rzeźniku' will massacre everyone when performed live.

Anyway, every one of these eight numbers is a potential hit for metal charts, but the ones that are obscure and reek of cadavers more than the ones for beginners and well-behaved metalheads. Well done Okrütnik! Krwawy Pontyfikat is one of the best Polish metal albums this year for me.

Rating: 8 out of 10