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Eternal Descent

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

Eternal Descent
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Type: Promo
Release Date: February 18th, 2024
Label: Independent
Genre: Death, Thrash
1. Eternal Descent
2. Hellfire's Veil
3. Spear Of Destiny
4. Insanity Of War
5. Altair Of Despair
6. Hypnotized
7. Absolute Control

Review by Vladimir on February 26, 2024.

It is undeniable that Poland constantly grows with metal bands from every corner, especially within the death or thrash metal branch. A new addition to their scene comes in the form of a death/thrash metal band Inferial from Białystok, who came out with their promo demo Eternal Descent on February 19th, 2024. Without wasting any time, let’s have a look at what this promo has to offer. 

What you can expect to hear from Inferial is very tight and aggressive death metal that borders with thrash metal in terms of its overall style, which has songs that incorporate downpicking riffs with occasional tremolo picking, mid-tempo drumming with double-bass work, and growling vocals. The songs all vary in terms of their arrangements, however some of them do include a breakdown or two in order to make things more interesting and have the songs flow much better from section, while keeping everything in order. For the most part, the songs are stylistically similar but very consistent, which contributes to the smooth transitioning from one track to another without breaking away from what is already established. 

The album does have some slightly dynamic songwriting, but to a certain extent, which all comes down to the fact how each of the songs were executed to be consistent yet similar. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any songs that leave no impression whatsoever, because some of them do manage to stand out for their strong riffing or perhaps enjoyable melodies, with noteworthy examples being 'Spear Of Destiny' and 'Hypnotized', but so far, I’d still say that all the material has a solid foundation. The only minor issue that I have is that this release as a whole doesn’t really have that much admirable quality to it that could have been a contributing factor which could inspire you for a revisited/repeated listening, and what also doesn’t help is that at times it starts feeling a bit generic and not as memorable as it could have been. On the other side, the big plus about this promo release is that it has a very good and also pretty strong sound production, which surprised me because bands often tend to opt for a much thinner sound before going heads on with EP’s or full-length albums, but here they actually did a good job. 

Overall, it’s far from great but still only a few steps away from achieving something great, which I believe is quite possible in the near future. After all, this is a promo/demo which so far shows the band’s starting point that will further be expanded into something much bigger and stronger, and I have no doubts that it will be quite “inferial” so to speak. If you are into Polish metal bands, give this one a go and see what power it holds. 

Rating: 7.8 out of 10