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The Voiceless Death Symphony

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

1. The Calm Before The Storm
2. Drop By Drop
3. Choice
4. The Forth
5. Rumble's Calling
6. Sympathy For Louis
7. The Dust After The Slaughter
8. Butcher With A tie

Review by Vladimir on March 4, 2024.

It’s time to butcher the living and raise some dead, because I’ll be covering a unified output by the German death metal band Compulsive and polish death metal band Cry Of The Nile, with their split release The Voiceless Death Symphony which came out on March 31st, 2023 via A.D.G Records.

The Voiceless Death Symphony includes six tracks by Compulsive from their "Welcome To My Killing Spree" EP and eight tracks by Cry Of The Nile from their Invocation EP. Both bands on the split provide some form of wicked death metal, with each output of both bands being distinctive and separated from the other. All tracks by Compulsive are quite raw, merciless and oldschool, whilst tracks by Cry Of The Nile are just slightly polished and heading towards a more contemporary direction, whilst still being oriented towards a very merciless death metal output. Both bands do a pretty good job at handing out some nice banging tunes, with a lot of effort to take their performance to the most obscene and extreme but without trying to outmatch each other. It’s often possible that one band stands out in the split album more than the other, but here it seems that there is a strong sense of balancing that the two go hand in hand with one another, even if both of them vary in styles.

Like I said before, both bands provide their own distinctive death metal songwriting which is either very simple and oldschool like Compulsive, or perhaps more complex and contemporary like Cry Of The Nile. From start to finish, they keep the consistent death metal butchering on the same level all throughout the album, without the split release ever losing its strength or straying far off its course. I personally don’t like personal preferences with bands on split releases, because both bands seem to be in my league when it comes to death, but I think I might like Compulsive just a bit more than Cry Of The Nile, plus I really like their logo a lot because it reminds me of Carnage. When it comes to what the sound production of both bands is like, they actually do a very good job, with Compulsive being more 90’s death metal sounding whilst Cry Of The Nile being just slightly above oldschool and more modern sounding death metal.

I actually think that Compulsive and Cry Of The Nile did a good job at combining their strengths that resulted in this solid work of death metal for the fans to enjoy. I believe that it’s got everything you could ask for from tremolo picking riffs to blast beats and growls, but all presented differently by each band on the split release. If you’d like to give this one a go, feel free to do so.

Rating: 8 out of 10