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Mental Disease Transmitted By Radioactive Fear

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

Mental Disease Transmitted By Radioactive Fear
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: April 1st, 2024
Genre: Gore, Grind
1. Infested Human Meat
2. Antisocial Cunt
3. Decomposed Reality
4. Two Legged Maggots
5. Ring My Bell, I’m In Hell
6. World Is Running Out Of Body Bags
7. Crocodile Tears
8. Shit Served By Flashing Screen
9. Diving Into The Unknown
10. No Chance Of Survival
11. Havoc In My Head
12. Dust Of Extinction
13. Land Of Gore
14. Piece By Fucking Piece
15. Life Flows Away

Review by Arek on May 4, 2024.

My contact with this quartet rooted in the Podlasie region was as unobvious as the fact that even living pretty much next door I have still missed such a band. But that's what happened and I don't know how long I would have remained in ignorance if it weren't for the coincidence that just before going to the first BlastFest, my friend asked me if I knew this band from Białystok - Meat Spreader? And to my surprise, he added who was in it. I don't know how blind and deaf you have to be to miss such an incarnation. Let me put this on the back of this abnormally driven world, being bombarded with megatons of musical bytes every day, and move on to the review of their latest album.

Fifteen songs and 30 minutes of gore/grinding with a crusty edge. I've always liked the crust sound, especially in grind. Is this due to replacing Tocha with Jawor? I don't know, but Mental Disease Transmitted By Radioactive Fear is so crunchy that even Rotten Sound could envy them - trust me on that one! Jaro, despite losing his long hair and having the young years of his life behind him, proves that he ages like a fine wine, and there are many ways to grind your throat away. It's true that he sometimes uses electronics, but believe me, it only helps this album and proves his musical experience. Radek is not in any fault either, he knows perfectly well when to throw dynamite into the hen house.

The album flies by quickly, and tasting of it it ends in scarcity despite the genre's intensity and power. Short but sweet as they say so you can listen to the album many times and discover new flavors after each listen. Although Meat Spreader certainly didn't invent the wheel and sometimes you can pick up some threads previously heard on other albums, I think that they filled the gap left after the loss of Dead Infection and the dormancy of Incarnated perfectly.

To finish this review, I will only add that every fan of solid sonic ass kicking from death metal to grindcore, will be satisfied after listening to this album. Will everyone be as hot for it as I am? You have to check the album yourselves to find out which I hope I encouraged you to do throughout this review. When asked which of their albums I recommend more, I will answer with the full commitment that you should listen to both. And as proof, I would like to add that the first one was recorded by musicians from Dead Infection (Tocha and Jaro), Squash Bowels - Artur aka Paluch and The Dead Goats/Neuropathia - Radek. The second one is the previously mentioned Jaro, Artur and Radek and Jawor (The Dead Goats/Neuropathia).

Rating: 8.5 out of 10