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Rock Knights

Switzerland Country of Origin: Switzerland

1. Chasing Shadows
2. Nightstranger
3. Into The Black
4. Stormchild

Review by Vladimir on May 1, 2024.

In recent years, some upcoming heavy metal bands have become instant gold upon their album release and have basically gained a cult following overnight. Such is the case with the Swiss band Amethyst, who have initially released their debut EP Rock Knights on December 28th, 2022, and have since then re-released it multiple times, even now as of 2024. Labels such as Jawbreaker Records, Cult Metal Classics Records and Ironbound Records, have all had the pleasure of putting Rock Knights EP in their album catalog, keeping this release fresh and relevant nearly 2 years after its initial release. Although I hadn’t managed to check out Amethyst back when the EP was circling everyone around the internet amongst oldschool heavy metal fans, I did take some time to finally give it a go and erase my past mistake. 

What you will hear on this EP is a very late 70’s and early 80’s hard-driven heavy metal with catchy rock and roll energy, taking queues from acclaimed and influential names such as Thin Lizzy, Budgie, Saxon, Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Demon, 70’s Judas Priest and early 80’s Iron Maiden, in a completely pure oldschool style. The first track 'Chasing Shadows' is an incredibly strong start to this powerful and unreal journey, but the following tracks such as 'Nightstranger' and 'Into The Black' give an even stronger punch with the addition of melodies and hard rocking riffs that carry a lot of the influences of 70’s Judas Priest and first two Iron Maiden albums. This entire journey is drawn to a conclusion with 'Stormchild', the shortest track on this EP, which nevertheless does not disappoint and rocks out all the way through to give this Amethyst another beautiful shine. 

The songwriting is fairly dynamic despite the overall simplicity, giving plenty of space for a variety of ideas that do not fail to amaze from start to finish. Considering how Amethyst gave a handful of kickass moments on this EP, it’s simply impossible to feel unamused or uninterested while hearing this plethora of catchy riffs, melodies and guitar solos that will throw you back in time 40 years ago when all of this magic was being made for the first time ever. Rock Knights EP may be a short but delightful experience, but it certainly isn’t a lackluster one, especially because it gives you more than enough to fall in love with Amethyst, despite its total of 21-minute length. Production-wise, it sounds very clean and organic, as if the album was produced by Martin Birch, considering how it sounds very close to the first two Iron Maiden albums in some parts. 

Rock Knights is what you get when an oldschool hard rocker thirsts for an authentic heavy metal experience from the golden age, and it did not disappoint. Amethyst had such a great start with this EP that managed to further pique my interest, leaving me curious and excited for whatever comes next. This is truly a gem worth discovering. 

Rating: 8.8 out of 10