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From Hell I Rise

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Diablo
2. Where I Reign
3. Residue
4. Idle Hands
5. Trophies Of The Tyrant
6. Crucifixation
7. Tension
8. Everything I Hate About You
9. Toxic
10. Two Fists
11. Rage
12. Shrapnel
13. From Hell I Rise

Review by Michael on May 8, 2024.

The expectations are high and From Hell I Rise is probably the most expected album in the metal-scene in 2024 (together with Mercyful Fate maybe but I guess they will release their new one in 22024). When I saw the cover (and even with the new Deicide on the Reigning Phoenix Promotion ad) I really had to laugh and I still find it shitty as the weather in Germany for the last six months. But I digress, now finally I got the promo and was super excited to hear it. And I was very disappointed. Yes, DISAPPOINTED!

But let me explain. 'Where I Reign' is a hyper aggressive song with super pissed-off vocals from Mark Osegueda (Death Angel). The music is very fast thrash with some typical Slayer trademarks in the guitar work but also a lot of themes that you might not expect from Kerry King (for example a solo that goes more into classical music than anything else). Paul Bostaphs' drums are thunderous and very powerful and leave no space for any criticism. Taking out speed, the guys steamroll everybody in their way in ‘Residue’. Although the approach is quite similar to Death Angel's "Relentless Retribution" (which still is a boring album for me), so much more happens here than on the whole album from 2010. This one is mega brutal despite of its slowness and kicks ass like hell. Lyrically it deals with "mental retrograde, the silly things in politics in the last eight years, and all the nonsense going on in America. We are used to be a lot more united than we are now." Another really groovy one is 'Trophies Of The Tyrant' and goes more into the typical groovy Death Angel direction from the frame. But here and there are some remarkable guitar solos again I never thought Kerry King could write. Yes, also some typical Slayer-riffing is to be found but the whole thing is much more traditional metal than thrash if you ask me. And the last 20 seconds are just amazing - this acceleration in the song you first don't really notice is some sick shit! 'Tension' starts quite similar to ‘Desire’ from the love-it-or-hate-it Slayer album "Diabolous In Musica" but turns out into a riff inferno that also stays in the mid-tempo range. And again, Mark's vocals are so aggressive that this song stays interesting, too. Maybe this one isn’t the most spectacular one but still a good one. And of course there are a lot of neck breaking songs to find here, too. 'Everything I Hate About You' is a very fast, punky song with a very cool fuck-off attitude. On this one you can clearly see the punk roots the music Kerry King listens to. 'Toxik' is a typical Slayer song, galloping and brutal and maybe one of the most political songs King has ever written. He said about that specific song that he wrote it while he had COVID and "when Roe vs. Wade got shot down. (He) was really pissed off." And 'Two Fists' sounds like a dirty street fight, right? And so it is. Another punk-rooted track with some slight arrhythmic drum patterns but a great one to freak out:

"This fucking ship is about to sink
I think I need another drink".

If you know "Undisputed Attitude", you know how the song sounds. Even Mark sounds like Tom Araya back then. The production was done by Josh Wilbur (Korn, Lamb Of God, Bad Religion) who did an amazing job with this one. As I said, the whole thing sounds powerful and clear. This is a modern sound without any flaws.

So let me come back to my statement that I was very disappointed. This is true but probably not the way you may think. On From Hell I Rise there’s not a single thing to find to write a bad word about (except the cover, of course) and there is no need to compare it to Slayer or Death Angel. I guess we find a very nice mixture of what makes out both bands but there are clearly a lot of other influences that were important for the songwriting. This is probably one of the best albums of the year and I hope that Kerry King won't rest on his success too long but will deliver another one soon (at least he stated that he has some more songs up his sleeve).

Rating (without the cover): 10/10 more drinks