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Live Review - Vio-Lence, Xentrix, Whiplash, Artillery - Headbanger's Ball 2022 - Turock, Essen - 12/02/22

Artillery, Whiplash, Xentrix and Vio-Lence invite to the Headbanger's Ball on this sore December evening and many fans accept the invitation, I think the Turock was pretty much sold out.

It starts with the Danes from Artillery, who carry away the audience from the first minute and sell their melodic thrash very well. They not only focus on the newer songs, but also play tracks from their older albums, which is frantically received in the audience. Singer Michael Bastholm Dahl is super likable and moves permanently all over the stage and also the somewhat older gentlemen at the instruments seem very agile. A successful start of the concert.

Setlist: The Challenge / By Inheritance / The Face Of Fear / Khomaniac / In Thrash We Trust / Terror Squad / The Almighty


Afterwards Whiplash metaphorically tore down the venue with their set. Focusing mainly on their first three albums, they know how to convince completely. Here, for the first time this evening, a few stage divers can be seen, especially the girl who steals the mic from her live bassist William Winton (and his look during this) are worth their weight in gold. No eye remains dry during the performance, an absolute killer show!

Setlist: Last Man Alive / Killing On Monroe Street / Burning Of Atlanta / Insult To Injury / Sword Metal Skull / Walk The Plank / This / Stagedive / Spiral Of Violence / Red Bomb / Spit On Your Grave / Power Thrashing Death


Hard to top the whole thing, but Xentrix got one better. They only play songs from their first two albums and instead of their current singer Jay Walsh, who didn't want to miss the birth of his child, their former singer Chris Astley is part of the band. The whole thing thus feels very nostalgic and is another highlight of the evening. Xentrix show is full of energy and at least for me next to Whiplash the highlight of the evening.


With Vio-Lence there is some more brutality on stage. Singer Sean Killian seems to be doing really well again after his serious illness. He moves across the stage like a psychopath, suddenly drops into the audience and also has a corresponding facial expression. In any case, he seems to enjoy the concert, just like the other musicians of the band, and he doesn't miss the chance to push some stage divers off the stage. Sometimes his acting is a bit over the top, but the audience celebrates the performance, which mainly includes songs from the classic album Eternal Nightmare, frenetically.

This evening was an absolutely memorable event and for me one of the concert highlights of 2022, hopefully 2023 will also hold such killer events!

Entered: 2/20/2023 11:12:27 AM