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Live update from Lemmy Pub, May 13, 2023 Siedlce, Poland

Dragon - Wolf Spider 2023

A breath of history - Metal Tour 2023 - Lemmy Pub.

On Saturday evening, May 13, 2023 I ended up at the Lemmy Pub club in Siedlce, Poland for a show ending the spring tour of the prehistory of Polish metal - DRAGON and WOLF SPIDER. I must admit that I grew up on the work of both bands, and I still have cassettes of their first albums to this day. Therefore, it will not be a surprise to anyone that I had quite a strong sentimental bond with this event. I even managed to meet the Dragons when, after a long correspondence with "Bomba" (a former drummer) my buddy and I ended up going to their practice spot to see them play. Unfortunately, "Bomba" is no longer in the Dragons lineup. I regretted it incredibly, the more that "Bomba" when I met him was already a valued drummer, but well "life is brutal". I became acquainted with the new albums of "mammoths" a few weeks before this concert. Thoughts were mixed, but I couldn't give up the opportunity to meet the musical fathers live.

After arriving in Siedlce, I found out that the concert will be twice as important because this charming place - Lemmy Pub is ending its existence. Only those who were there can appreciate it. Just an amazing place for rock parties, but lost to the soulless laws of economics. Real shame!

The concert was started by Varsovians - THE KROACH. The young generation on the Polish HM scene, they didn't rock me, but the movement in front of the stage indicated that they already had their fans. After half an hour of flogging, they gave the stage to DRAGON from Katowice. Then came the knockout. Rising to the heights of objectivity, I must admit that Dragons A.D. 2023 are even more powerful than in their golden '90s. Jarek and Fred demolished the stage. I don't know what they ate back then, but stick to that diet. This energy was shared by everyone. After 2 songs of the encore performance, all that was left was to take a photo with the barely alive victims. The massacre made by the Dragons could be felt at the concert of WOLF SPIDER. Decimated and half-dead electrons bounced against each other. Although the Poznanians were finishing the Siedlce show, they had to face the power of the Silesians, and their heavy/thrash did not resurrect the corpses secretly strewn.

I bow down to everyone, especially the historically recorded Wolves and Dragons, but also the younger ones. Now I know that it was Mariusz's youthful strength that breathed fresh air into Dragon's heart, just like Beata and Jasiek in the Wolf Pack. WAY TO GO!







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Entered: 6/4/2023 7:32:51 AM