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Live update from Pub 'Sześcian', January 18, 2024 Białystok, Poland

After listening to the latest albums by Varmia and Horda, I couldn't miss the opportunity that appeared on January 18, 2024. So I showed up in front of the Pub 'Sześcian' on a winter evening. This is a new place on my concert map, but I was also supposed to experience new musical sensations that evening.

As part of the 'Nienaswidzenie 23/24 Tour', LAMENT, GOŁOLEDŹ, HORDA and VARMIA were to play in Białystok. The concert was opened by the unknown to me Lament, who released their debut album "Anhedonia" last year. This quartet from Tarnów didn't blow me away with their post-black metal rhythms, but young people in the crowd liked them. Next, musicians from Zielona Góra - Gołoledź stepped on the stage. They had released their debut last year also. I liked their vision of the black metal much better. Energetic black with clear melodic lines was good, and not only for me. The time has come for what I have been waiting for - Horda. Their second album "Form" made a good impression on me, so I was curious about their performance and I wasn't disappointed at all. Three Horda musicians played in Lament early on, so I guess you can find fulfillment by playing more gently and melodiously, but you can also go hard and feral like in Horda. Their black metal, saturated with death metal or vice versa, is truly breathtaking. If I were 10 years younger, I would probably end up in the pit. This is what I needed. Ass kicked - all we can do is wait for Varmia. Setting up the stage took some time, but the bar is nicely equipped. Finally, Varmia appeared on stage with a heavily rebuilt lineup. There was a sense of paganism even before the first sounds were heard, but when the drums rang and the guitars roared, I knew it would be a good end to the day. After listening to "Nie Nas Widzę", I expected it to be strong, but blackness literally poured out of the stage, powerful blackness, slightly tinged with folk music. The pagan instrumentation did not soften their music at all, but at most characterized their melodicity and emphasized their pagan roots. Yes, it was a very interesting experience that I would love to repeat. Varmia live is even more powerful than on the last album - I RECOMMEND.










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Entered: 2/2/2024 4:22:47 PM
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