South Of Heaven

Part II

Sometimes, when I start collecting materials for the next installment of South Of Heaven I worry whether I will be able to find enough interesting and promising domestic performers. However, it turns out that the deeper I dig, the bigger the pile of recordings becomes and I actually have to make hard choices and eliminate some bands or artists. In some strange way this makes me happy because it means that our scene is constantly developing and growing. And although these may not always be discoveries on par with those from the 1980s and 1990s, the level of music, technology and sound is really high. So, not to waste any more of your time, I invite you to another edition of South Of Heaven.



BLIND SALVATION - Eyes Of Nebulas - Independent

The debut album of this quartet from Szczecin was released last year and I don't know how it escaped my attention and since it is really solid material, I would like you to get to know it too. Eyes Of Nebulas is an intro and 11 numbers of really solid death metal thrashing, rather in the American style. Driving sharply ahead, sometimes very motorically, with many hellish accelerations and blast beats, and rather a few slowdowns. The musicians are very technically proficient, and the singer has a really solid and powerful growl, and at times he tries less brutal vocals, which brings a really nice effect. But as I looked here and there, it turns out that he practiced his vocals in Nihilosaur, which I really like, which really explains a lot. If we add a really cool production, we have a complete set. I recommend it to death metal fans.


NIHILOSAUR - Modern Depression - Independent

Well, here we go. I mentioned Nihilosaur a moment ago and so I decided to check if they are still alive. And it turned out that their new, fifth album was released a few days ago. I must admit that they are one of my favorites on the national scene when it comes to metal, but metal that is not obvious, hard to pigeonhole, ambitious, but played with great edge and feeling. And once again they took me by surprise, even though I expected the unexpected. I don't know how they do it, but playing Nihilosaur reminds me of a Scandinavian approach to the broadly understood metal-related matter. I feel similar vibrations on this album as on the new Xysma album - it is multidimensional, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, very psychedelic and extremely intelligent. Just beautiful! It's a pity that in our beautiful country there are not many recipients of this type of music, because Nihilosaur deserves much more than it actually receives. Cool band.


ACTUM INFERNI - Uzurpator Niebiańskiego Tronu - Societas Oculorum Arcanorum

The project comes from Olsztyn, and is headed by Draconis, whom you may recognize from such hordes as: Gniew, Plaga or Leichengott. So far, he played all the instruments, but to record his second full-length album, he invited the recently much sought-after Krzysztof Klingbein, who plays drums mercilessly. Uzurpator Niebiańskiego Tronu is four long compositions dominated by black metal brawl that can be associated with riffs known from the work of Dissection or Marduk. The melodicity in particular can be associated with the early work of the former. Although, just like in the second half of the album's opening song 'Z Zaciśniętym Na Szyi Sznurem', there is a beautiful fragment in a very traditional heavy metal atmosphere, with a very cool solo. I don't think black metal fans will be disappointed.


DEVASTATED GRAVES - Deliverance (The Prophecy Of The Poisoner) - Fallen Temple

Unholy Fucking Hell - what a beautiful miasma! However, I hope that most fans of raw and brutal black/death metal already know this album perfectly and can hurt their ears with these sounds on a daily basis. Not only yourself, but also your neighbors! Devastated Graves is a trio composed of three well-known on the scene thugs who know exactly how to kill with sound. It's a pity that the album is only 21 minutes long, because it leaves you somewhat unsatisfied. And on the other hand, the sound content of Deliverance… is a condensed pill of raw and brutal blasphemy that hits you with sulfur stench and kills a poser in a few seconds. Anyway, just take a look at the graphic design and photos of the band and everything is clear.


SEVENFOLD BLESSING - Salvatore Obscurum - Independent

The debut EP, which I heard for the first time just a few days before Bahl'al's death, which was the spiritus movens of this project. Four songs and almost half an hour of really interesting black metal with occasional excursions into death metal, in a raw, obscure version. With crazy and hysterical vocals, at rather fast tempos, with an addictive atmosphere. I must admit that I was hooked on it from the first try. And, not taking into account the undoubted tragedy that happened, and focusing only on the music, it's a real pity that we won't hear anything new under the Sevenfold Blessing name anymore, because I think Bahl'al still had a lot of interesting ideas and musical visions to realize. Unfortunately, we will never find out...


HEGEROTH - Disintegration

This is the fifth album of this Silesian duo. Big applause for your perseverance and consistency, because despite the lack of spectacular successes, and therefore I do not think that the album sales are satisfactory - Bila and Bene are recording new, and I think, better and better albums. The basis and starting point here is black metal, but there are also death metal elements. You can hear here echoes of Marduk-style playing, and on the other hand, more dehumanized sounds like Zyklon or Myrkskog. I feel that playing gives them a lot of joy, because in Hegeroth's playing, despite the power and ruthless brutality, one can feel such freshness and lightness. Piece by piece rolls through the speakers and I didn't even notice that 33 minutes and 33 seconds had passed and the album was over. This is also due to the good sound and, above all, good riffs, vocals and arrangements, which I assume they spent a lot of time on. I really wish them many more years of playing and I will be happy to listen to their next album.


HEGEMOON - Pogarda - Hell Is Here Prod.

The band comes from Częstochowa and has been playing music known as Pagan Black Metal for 20 years. And everything is correct, including the fact that it is firmly set in the atmosphere of the 90s. It's not very original, but it is quite good to listen to. The latest EP from Hegemoon is just over 20 minutes of original songs and a cover of Vlad Tepes' 'Pieśń Masakry Zdewastowanych Ziem'. It may not appeal to the more picky and searching listeners, but for black metal purists it could be quite an enjoyable piece of music.


PUTRID EVIL - Exhumed… From The Unhallowed Ground - Independent

Putrid Evil is a side project of musicians associated with Poisoned from Gdańsk. And just like in the parent band, it's very old-school. However, this death metal style is sometimes upped with a pinch of grind. But don't be afraid, because this is a grind in the style of Terrorizer or Repulsion rather than that more modern, pointless bullshit. Despite the rather raw and dirty sound, it is really cool to listen to. And it's nice that after a few demos, splits and EP's, Putrid Evil came out with a debut album, because despite the fact that it lasts only 27 minutes, I think that in terms of its level of intensity it is an appropriate and perfectly digestible dose of banging on the proper level.


DEADSPEAK - Human Alchemy - Independent

The debut album of the project headed by Krakus, known from Bloody Psycho. This time he enlisted the help of a few guys, including Krzysztof Klingbein, and I honestly admit that the results are really satisfactory. And even more - Human Alchemy is a piece of solid technical death metal with a clearly old-school edge. I think that if I mention names such as Atheist, Gorguts or our native Devilyn, it will be a signpost for what Deadspeak plays. I'm a bit dissatisfied with the production, especially the sound of the drums and some solos (some strange effects), but it's a matter of taste. Generally speaking, it's very nice to listen to and what's immediately noticeable is that Krakus and his team really put a lot of effort into achieving this effect. I highly recommend it, especially since it's hard to find similar bands on the national scene.


WAŚŃ - Ciemną Doliną - Via Nocturna

Waśń is a new band on the national black metal map. They come from Wrocław and even though they have only been operating for a year, they are composed of experienced musicians who have previously practiced in: Sapros, Tholing The Void and Grimlord. As I already mentioned, they play black metal with keyboards set in the atmosphere of the mid-90s, but played and sounding a bit more modern. And to be honest, I have a bit of a problem with it. I don't know if a better solution would be to shift the weight of Waśń music to one of the sides I mentioned? I am just thinking aloud. Because I don't know if they don't sound too modern and sterile for old-school fans, and whether they don't sound too raw for younger adepts of black metal? But maybe that's just my opinion... Overall, it's pretty solid playing.


EGZEKUCJA - Ordo Predatorum - Independent

Egzekucja from Rzeszów should be known to you by now. The line-up of the band has changed slightly over time but it's still led by the tireless Guma (ex-Cerebrum), and these changes have made the band's music more colorful. What Egzekucja creates is not the easiest to listen to, and the introduction to 'Szafarz' is more associated with the songs of Kobong or Neuma than with death metal. The rest is not pure death metal either, although the weight and atmosphere of death/doom/sludge is strongly accentuated here. And despite the fact that, as I mentioned, their music is not the easiest and nicest, from time to time there is a more accessible and melodic chorus or lick. And then it reminds me of their compatriots from Jesus Chrysler Suicide and you can hum it even while shaving. So, as you can see, it's not easy with them. But that's what music is sometimes about, so I encourage you to check out Ordo Predatorum.


SLAUGHTER OF THE SOULS - The Beast in You - Independent

The band from Sandomierz will celebrate their 20th anniversary this year, but unfortunately they cannot boast of a rich discography or widespread recognition in the scene. It's a pity, because it's a really good band, made up of seasoned musicians who used to play in bands such as Night Gallery or Land Of Fear. The Beast In You is their second material, but I think it is very mature, and you can hear that the guys know exactly what death or thrash metal is about. There are a lot of melodies here, but there is also plenty of proverbial fire and sometimes slightly more technical playing. But without exaggeration. The numbers are nicely arranged, well-thought-out, with good solos and nice vocals. The sound is strong and meaty. Despite all this, although I like the guys very much, I don't predict a great career for them. Nowadays, to achieve greater success, you need more than just being good. But I think that Slaughter Of The Souls is not about that at all and the most important thing is that they enjoy playing. And you can hear it.


Thanks for checking this one out. Find more bands and metal in the first part of South Of Heaven here.

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