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Live update from Proxima Club, November 22, 2023 Warsaw, Poland

Polish part of Swords Into Flesh Europe Tour 2023.

It's freezing outside, so we quickly enter the club. A short inspection, a ticket check and we move on. Friendly twilight, interesting sounds, but surprisingly empty. Therefore, you need to look at the merch corner and buy "talkative" liquids. The club is filling up very slowly, and the first band - TRIAGONE - appears on the stage. Young Belgians with an EP in the works, but with a very attractive male/female line-up. Musically ??? they implemented their technical death metal very efficiently. Two-tone vocals, twisted but melodic guitars and that crazy-smiling drummer. A short but intense set and a break for a cig or something else.

SCHIZOPHRENIA, as quickly as they placed themselves on the stage, they played so quickly. These crazy people know how to get the public's ass up and going. Although Proxima was still only partially filled with people, it became more dense near the stage. This is what I wanted. A much needed injection of thrash/death energy, so I simply inhale it all! These guys are better live than on record, although their "Chants Of The Abyss" also did the job. And there's the same smiling animal on drums and what he does is something else, see for yourself! But what is it??? End???

A quick clean-up and the Danish BAEST installed themselves on the club's stage. Their albums were well received by yours truly, so I was counting on my head being torn off. The first few notes, Simon roared, and they had me. The fact is that they also grabbed the rest of the people who were already in the club. Eventually it thickened in front of the stage. That was IT! They may not have surpassed the energy of Schizophrenia from Belgium, but their Danish/Swedish death metal did the job. I wanted more but what's that??? Cake??? Yes, it's Svend's birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Another song follows and then...????

It's time for KRISIUN! So, a quick brew or other liquid and off to the front of the stage we go. A bit of a surprise here, it's already dark out and there are no more people coming in, shit!! It was so nice when the Danes tore it up!! It didn't matter after all, as soon as I took a whiff of the Brazilian massacre, I had others in you know where. The music did its job. I like these Brazilians!!! I always missed a second guitarist at their concerts, it was the same this time, but today I could feel the full power of Brazilian savagery at least in one song in which their friend-technician jumped on the second guitar. POWERFUL ain't it!!!

Head almost came off, ass has been kicked, it's time to tuck in the tail and go back to the grayness...










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Entered: 12/7/2023 9:33:40 AM