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MB Premiere and Review: DEAD AND DRIPPING - 'Hysterical Mirages Of Otherworldly Calamity'

Dead And Dripping create their own kaleidoscopic world of dizzying and pummelling brutal/technical death metal where they relentlessly whip up a maelstrom of mind-boggling riffs and drum patterns. It's too easy to drown yourself in their undulating waves of intense blasting and slower breakdowns and one can't be blamed to lie corpse-like amid it all.

Wasting no time in introductions, a chaotic assortment of strings and drums open the gates for this record and never backs down for a single moment. Even if the first segment seems simple enough, as the album progresses it becomes more maniacal and heavy. The guitars are heavy in their own right with a wide variety of riffs and great solos to add some variety. The bass sounds glorious and crystal clear and also provides moments of technical prowess on its own. The drums are well executed and I commend the man behind the instruments for being able to consistently keep up the recurrent changes in tempo, never faltering for a single moment. The vocal performance is excellent as well, with a monstrous guttural growl that evocates similarities between Frank Mullen and Antti Boman. Considering that the band as a whole seems to take pages from the book of Suffocation and Demilich, this should be of no surprise. Read full review here.

MetalBite is proud to present new track 'Hysterical Mirages of Otherworldly Calamity' from the upcoming DEAD AND DRIPPING's new record Blackened Cerebral Rifts coming out this August 11th, 2023 via Transcending Obscurity Records. This bludgeoning dose of death metal should appeal to music fans of Wormed, Demilich, Defeated Sanity, Suffocation, Mortal Decay, Wicked Innocence.


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