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MB Premiere and Review: HUMAN INFECTION - "Gravesight" full album stream

Today, in cooperation with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, we are thrilled to premiere the HUMAN INFECTION's new album Gravesight, due to be released on May 3rd, 2024 on CD and digital formats.

It's been a while since I took some time to check out any death metal stuff out there, especially because you never know what to expect in this subgenre branch. Nevertheless, whenever I do get a chance to come across something that would interest me, I always manage to come out highly pleased with the final result. The subject of this review will be the US death metal band Human Infection from Roanoke, Virginia, with their third full-length album Gravesight, originally released independently on December 31st 2019, and now re-released by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on May 3rd 2024, with an updated album cover and prolonged tracklist that contains bonus tracks from their 2016 Promo. Without wasting any time, let's grab a shovel and start digging out some graves with death metal blasting in the background, shall we?

Brutality, violence and sickness flow through the primitive and vile rotting death metal, devouring the flesh like the ravenous undead from start to finish. Their brutal and heavy riffs are filled with intensity and wickedness, which alongside the wall-breaking drums and growling vocals, create this ominous and horrific atmosphere that surrounds you and never lets you go. Next to the already brutal riffs that come at you from all angles, you also have some pinch harmonics and maniacal guitar solos to spice things up even more. As the album progresses, the songs get heavier, more extreme and more aggressive, where blast beats take the lead and riffs become stronger, while also throwing in other nice additions such as mid-tempo drumming and slow tempo riffing. It is undeniable that this album is like an abomination which gradually evolves, especially if you take for example tracks such as 'Wounds Devour You', 'Artificial Abyss', 'The Weavers of Lunacy' which take this horrific nightmare even relentlessly further down the line without mercy.

Songwriting-wise, despite being a straightforward death metal album, it still has a lot of dynamic tempo changes and progression going on all the way through, without feeling predictable or thin for a millisecond. The great thing about this album is how it always keeps that even flow of aggression and it's also pretty consistent stylistically, but without repeating the same song formula or just coming up with a different variation of an already made riff idea. A large improvement in comparison to the original release of the album is the updated blue album cover by the Spanish artist Juanjo Castellano, which fits even better than the initial black and white version that was used and it perfectly captures the grave essence of the album. On top of the updated album cover art, we also have the remix and remaster, done by the band's bassist Jeremiah Tuck, giving the album a fuller and more powerful sound.

Overall, Gravesight is one solid work of primitive and brutal death metal done right, leaving no room for bullshit or pretentiousness, just good old fashioned ultra violence. Human Infection takes a lot of queues from influential death metal bands of the 1990's and 2000's, while molding that into a very grotesque output with skull crushing energy and nightmarish performance. This album is definitely worth the go if you are into bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Krisiun, Vader and Deicide.


Andrew Brown - vocals
Andrew Mathews - guitars
Jeremiah Tuck - bass
Cj Giles - drums


Entered: 5/2/2024 7:06:55 AM
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