MB on Spotify - April summary

Greetings, fellow metalheads!

Welcome to another attempt at giving you regular monthly updates on what music can be found on Spotify. Obviously trying to stay as close to metal as possible, but keeping my mind quite open to other subgenres, sometimes very loosely connected to the core heavy/thrash/death/black, but I think I manage most of the time not to get as carried away as Earache. Seriously, haven't heard any release from them in recent years where headbanging would be appropriate. Let's be honest, it would be offensive to the headbanging art. Fortunately April gave us some proper material to practice, so let's focus on the bright side. Or is it better if it's a dark side? Nevertheless, let's begin.

Albums playlist can take a while to get through, almost 58 hours of material is at your disposal. We've got Korpiklaani,Ingested, Hour of Penance, Cistvaen (reviewed by TheOneNeverSeen), Oceans of Night (reviewed by Vladimir), Vulture (Vladimir), Heresiarch (Alex), Benighted, My Dying Bride (Michael), Chotzä (Felix), Party Cannon (first release with Unique Leader Records), Night Shall Drape Us (Fernando), Deicide (Michael), Darkthrone (Vladimir), Darkness (Felix), Accept, The Crypt (Vladimir) and Meat Spreader (Arek). What a month, give the above a listen as well as many other below:

EPs on the list below include Warbell, Renegade Angel, Ondfødt, Burn Down Eden, Northlane, Mindpatrol, Sorry..., Redford, Hexis, Dir En Grey, Last Retch and Houkago Grind Time. Have fun!

The singles certainly contain some interesting material, we've got new sounds from Massacre, Lucifuge, Cognitive, Wheel, Limbonic Art, Attic, Necrophagia, NanowaR of Steel, Werewolves, The Troops of Doom, Illdisposed, Seth, Crystal Viper, Gatecreeper, Rotting Christ, Holycide, Hammerfall, Rage, Lucifer, Flotsam & Jetsam, Dagoba, Aand?, Rivers of Nihil and these are just the ones that caught my attention. The rest is definitely going to visit my ears at least once as I'm always on the lookout for new sounds and I provide my ears with a very healthy diet of all metal-related elements. You can do that, too. Just follow that simple trick - click below:

The splits playlist is very short - only two releases found their way to my screen - Yashira/Autolith/Drag Pattern and Calliophis/URZA. Less than an hour of music and a perfect opportunity to play a guessing game of what they have in common since they appeared on the same release. And saying "because they're on the same label" doesn't count. Go!

Live releases published on Spotify in April include Akral Necrosis, Battle Beast, Behind the Horror, Empire State Bastard, Exodus, Gutalax, Hanging Garden, Hierophant, Jinjer, Predatory Void, Primordial, Symphonity, Tygers of Pan Tang, Unantastbar and Winter. Start warming up your throats and scream with the crowds featured on the playlist below:

Some of the material needs to get refreshed, some sounds better when it's re-recorded completely, some just needs to take advantage of new equipment which was not available when it was recorded for the first time. Below you can find examples of how artists like to present some of their previous creations with a new flavour. This month the list includes Aborym, Alice Cooper, Angra, Atreyu, Cavalera Conspiracy, Edge of Sanity, Enchantya, Lacrimosa, Mastectomy (although quite recently "Hell on Earth" became unavailable on Spotify), Midnite Hellion, quite a few re-releases from Minenwerfer, Periphery, Pestilence, Temperance and VersauX.

I hope you're having as much fun listening to these playlists as I enjoy creating them (very possible that it's some kind of mental disorder, but I'm too busy with my new playlists to even check what it's called, LOL). Don't forget to let other metalheads know about your favourites, support the artists in every possible way and remember to mosh responsibly \m/

Your fellow metalhead,


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